Design, Project Management, and Execution At America Graphics begins woth inspecting every minuscule detail of a project. From Designing and project management to execution, every phase is given the utmost importance to ensure our quality standards. Please take a look at the process of how we finalize a project.

Design planning is all about how we can do things differently. From a project management perspective, it is not just about the thinking of completing a design but the study of different types of methodologies that exist outside the project space, which we can employ to help us either get breakthrough ideas or finding different ways of designing.

The notion behind design planning is all about how we take a foggy idea, put it through a design process, and impact it.

Naturally, when dealing with a problem, we are trying to identify it and then jump to a solution. But with design planning, it is about doing a lot of reliable data studies to understand the problem. Then go out and create insights to look at the problem differently.

Our design planning process is about how we get a deep understanding of the people we are designing for.

Project Management
Our project management includes discussing with the Clients and Businesses to address their needs and expectations and establish baselines for project field, budget, and timeline. Then create a field Statement document to finalize and record project field details, get everyone on the same page, and reduce the chances of costly miscommunication. We look beyond the client's stated needs to identify the underlying desired benefits. These benefits are the objectives our designed project should deliver.

The communication plan is developed during the planning period as part of the project management plan that identifies the project's communication requirements.

America Graphics manages the design and production environment itself. When you order a design or need changes to an existing design, we design the changes and inform you when the task is complete.


Once we have a clear understanding of the client’s needs, we prioritize them and set specific design goals.

We look at each project and define the series of tasks that must be completed to accomplish each design. For each project, we determine the amount of time it will take, the resources necessary, and forward it to the team responsible for execution.

We involve our design team in the planning process. These people performing the work have essential insights into how to get the tasks done, how long they'll take, and the best route to tackle them. We draw on their knowledge and set expectations for work to run smoothly.

Execution is the last long mile of our Design project. Design Execution is a skill-based activity where our designers collaborate with various skill disciplines like Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging, Product Styling, Brand Identity, etc. Irrespective of product or industry type, Design Execution forms a vital and integral part of our delivery process of the projects.


With high confidence, our team:
is equipped with the best tools to complete the job
comprises of the best designers in the industry
is one of the most experienced personnel in their line of work
interacts well with the clients and team members, and
is highly motivated to provide the best quality of work.


Quality Assurance
During the execution phase, the project team inspects the project resources as it relates to quality. Quality Assurance is performed with Quality Control, which seeks to ensure the quality of the finished results produced by the project.

Project Delivery
Finally, after all aspects of the design are complete, and the team is satisfied with the quality that covers every requirement of the client, the final work is delivered.